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Sophisticated Services in Wisconsin's Northwoods!

October 29, 2015 -- TheCongerCollection

Our vacation homes offer all the amenities of home; full kitchens, comfortable furnishings and an unmatched degree of privacy. And while lake-front views in a cozy, wooded setting are the main draw to vacation in Wisconsin’s Northwoods, there is often the desire to swim in luxurious service as well as the expansive lakes! So, amid the quiet, peaceful setting, relax and let us lavish you with the attention that we all deserve during our vacations!

Holiday Mishaps and Misadventures

October 16, 2015 -- TheCongerCollection

Most people spend months planning their vacations; all details carefully organized from flights to dinner reservations, from activities to area attractions. We toil over making the most of the very valuable, often very limited, vacation time we have. But while planning your get-a-way and adventure may take some serious consideration, while you are enjoying your adventure, you should feel as care free as imaginable!

Vacation Homes Vs. Hotels; Do They Really Compare?

August 28, 2015 -- TheCongerCollection

The allure of private vacation homes in lieu of traditional hotel accommodations has never been as apparent and quantifiable. Travelers are quickly recognizing the benefits of stepping off the regular, traveled path to find their own ideas of stylish comfortability. Technology has finally bridged the gap between vacation homes and tourists; private homes and condominiums are accessible, really accessible, for the first time.

When I Walleye, You Must Musky!

June 5, 2015 -- TheCongerCollection

It's difficult to imagine that thousands of years ago, the Northwoods were covered by glaciers; giant sheets of ice moving across Wisconsin, carving out the lake basins and leaving behind what is now the world’s largest chain of lakes. With 28 connected lakes and over 3,000 acres of water, The Eagle River and Three Lakes Chain is impressive, awe-inspiring, and oh-so-much fun!

What Will you Remember?

May 18, 2015 -- TheCongerCollection

Stop for a moment and think back to a distant time and place; an adventure through the woods, the first fish caught by an eager child, cozying up by the fire after a long day in the sun. Our memories are so magical, transcending time and space, they are the forever tokens we take home from every vacation free of charge.Come along with us as we tiptoe down memory lane and have a peak into the memories of guests who have stayed with us over the years.The Northwoods really are the site of countless traditions; some are generations old, while many are only in their second or third year!

Escape, Explore and Make Memories

May 6, 2015 -- TheCongerCollection

Planning an adventure into the Northwoods should be on everyone’s bucket list. From the pristine, almost untouched forested areas to the impressively expansive Chain of Lakes; there is something to see and do around every corner! And the Northwoods doesn’t discriminate against any vacation goers either. Whether you are craving a quiet, romantic getaway or a fast-paced thrill ride, Northern Wisconsin does not disappoint!

Our Vacation Rental Home Experience

December 2, 2014 -- TheCongerCollection

“Life gives us brief moments with one another, but sometimes in those brief moments we get memories that last a life time.” – Author Unknown

We couldn’t agree more. In fact, we insist and it’s our job: making sure you and yours have a memorable (and stress free) vacation. After all, what’s more important in life than the special moments captured with friends and family?

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March 18, 2014 -- TheCongerCollection

Hi Everyone!

Thanks again for following our blog.  We are so excited about all the new properties and services we will be offering our guests this year.  Don't forget you can also keep updated on everything Conger Collection related on our Facebook page and Twitter page.  Check back again soon for lots of fun updates and have a great start to the spring season!

USA International Pond Hockey Tourney in Eagle River, WI

December 20, 2011 -- TheCongerCollection

Winter has arrived in Eagle River, Wisconsin and with it the hopes of hundreds of hockey players from all over the world to a small lake in the heart of The Snowmobile Capitol of the World.

Eagle River, Wisconsin is host to the USA International Pond Hockey Tournament during the second weekend in Feburary each year.  It is an event that is just as much fun for the casual observer that may arrive by snowmobile or truck, as it is for the players that participate on the dozens of rinks that are plowed out side-by-side on Dollar Lake.

Amphibious Vehicle in Eagle River, Wisconsin

September 7, 2011 -- TheCongerCollection

Every once in awhile you happen to come across something pretty interesting when taking a boat cruise through the world's largest chain of lakes in Eagle River, Wisconsin.  A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to see an amphibious vehicle cruising Duck Lake.  We thought it would be fun to share this moment with all of you - Not something you see everyday!